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Our company is comprised of a team of professionals possessing skills and knowledge in a wide range of industries and business disciplines. Founders of the company are high experienced individuals specialized in accounting, audit, valuation and tax advisory fields. The key of our company’s success lies on highly motivated individuals providing high quality services to client organizations in different industries.

Our main services include:

Audit is an independent service that enhances the reliability of information used by investors, shareholders and other interested parties. In addition to the normal audits under the relevant reporting framework, audit services also offers a range of attestation reports allowed by the International Standards on Auditing issued by the International Federation of Accountants such as reviews, agreed upon procedures, compilations and other assurance engagements.

Our team has the required skills and experience to provide the highest level of assurance services to our clients.

Auditing mandatory and voluntary annual and group financial statements in compliance with International Standards, is based on risk oriented audit approach which is always individually attuned to the client. Risk based approach allows an effective and efficient audit based on critical sectors’ analyzes and is the important quality assurance factor for our clients.

Appraisal under professional valuation of property implies determining the economic value to the evaluated property. In fact, appraisal aims to determine the value of property not only as of a physical object, but of a property right and utilization of this right in order to get economic benefit. According to valuation practice, any item (tangible or intangible), that can be owned by natural person or legal entity, and different operations can be executed in respect to that item (purchase, sale, grant on lease, hire out, mortgage), can be classified as property. Thus, appraisal item can be:

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  • Land

  • Biological Assets

  • Buildings

  • Going Concern

  • Plants

  • Business and Business Interest

  • Equipment and Inventory

  • Intellectual Property

  • Inventory

  • License and Agreements

According to appraisal purpose, appraiser identifies proper type of value. Following values can be distinguished in property valuation:


  • Market Value

  • Liquidation Value

  • Fair Value

  • Tax Value

  • Investment Value

  • Insurance Value

  • Consumer Value

  • Mortgage Value

  • Utilization Value

According to economic circumstances formed in everyday life, legal entities and natural persons could have the need to determine the property value and it is desired that they make use of appraisal service under following circumstances:


  • Purchase and Sale

  • Hereditary Succession

  • Financial Reporting

  • Insurance

  • Drawing Investments

  • Company Mergers

  • Loan Collateral

  • Company Liquidations

  • Asset Reevaluation

  • Company Restructuring

  • Fixing Property Arguments

Appraised of property may be crucial for your strategic investment decisions and help to make decisions confidently.

Our team provides following types of tax and legal services for private companies, public and NGOs:

We also alert clients to relevant changes in legislation, how to deal and comply with with various legal, tax and administrative requirements to carry out business activities in Georgia.

We provide payroll services to our clients in order to help businesses meet payroll and employment tax obligations based on local regulations.

Our payroll services offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing. Outsourcing payroll services provides comport for client in terms of time spent on administrative procedures and permanent staff expenses needed for administration procedures.

The basic services include calculating payroll and tax obligations for each employee, printing and delivering checks, and providing management payroll reports on a weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or yearly basis.